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After the Rain

Serial killer at large. The killer has murdered fourteen women over the past sixteen months. If anyone has any information about The killer, please contact the Daton County Sheriff's Office immediately.

It rains all the time. I hate rain. People say that a rainbow is God's promise to never again flood the earth. I haven't seen a rainbow in years. Maybe God changed his mind. Maybe God realized the filth and scum that now consumes the earth and He has decided just to wash it all away. The end is near. People also say that before the earth ends Jesus will come take the souls of the faithful home. I don't even think I have a soul anymore.

Her house is small, but it's beautiful. I sit here staring at it, sitting outside in my car. The rain continuously slaps against the windshield as I wait for her to arrive. Her name is Lola Gowan. She's beautiful. She's single. She's perfect. I've been watching her for the past month. I know everything about her day to day life. For the past thirty days, she hasn't made a move that I didn't know about.

The radio is playing quietly in my car. It's set to some “pop rock” station. The shit that people call music these days is ridiculous. After a song plays the DJ reads off a few news articles. He mentions the professional baseball player that broke his arm. The 18-wheeler that rolled over on the freeway. The serial killer at large.

I look into the rear view mirror and I see the killer. He's tall and slender. His skin is pale and he has deep black hair. His name is Martin Thanos. I have information about Thanos, but I do not contact the Daton County Sheriff's Office. Martin Thanos' well being is very important to me. Fourteen girls. I didn't realize I had killed that many already. After the first girl that I killed, everything flew by so quickly. Everything became so easy. I remember the first one.

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