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Does God Exist?

An Essay by A. Datta

Copyright © 2010-2014 A. Datta

ISBN 978-1-4581-4602-1

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Does God Exist?

Dictionaries are required to define pretty much every word and that includes the word God. This could be one of those words before defining which a substantial percentage of lexicographers cross their hearts. Now, it took me some years to define the word, so were I a lexicographer, business would suffer because of my stalling. What I came up with after years of cerebrating happened to be surprisingly concise, "The word God means a being who is omnipotent and omnibenevolent." According to Vivekananda, even God does not have the power to limit his own powers, which view other than assuming the existence of God automatically implies that there cannot be more than one God because that would interfere with the definition of omnipotence by limiting their conflicting domains. Even if different Gods had the shared trait of being eternally in agreement with each other they would not have the power to disagree. In fact, some tolerant modern-day religions deal with the problem of multiple Gods by regarding all the Gods of all mainstream religions to be different expressions of a single entity.

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