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KISS THE WITCH © Dana E. Donovan 2011,2014

Cover Design © Vickie Donovan 2011

Chapter 1

I don’t know what woke me. The shrill screams and subsequent crash I heard out in the living room didn’t do it. That came later. The clock on the nightstand read 7:29. I sat up in bed and rallied my thoughts. Across the room, brittle shards of sunlight cut through the blinds in vertical strips, casting prison bar shadows upon the wall. I squinted and refocused until my eyes adjusted to my surroundings. My head hurt for the wine I drank the night before, but not too badly. I find my body tolerates liquor better since my return to prime. My stamina is greater, too. You can ask Lilith, though I suspect she would debate you on that just for the sake of argument.

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