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The Corpse Cat

Tales from the Darkworld

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Misti Wolanski

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Smashwords Edition 1.3

Copyright 2011 by Misti Wolanski

All Rights Reserved

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Emris Winters has been around a long time, long enough that she shouldn’t still be sane. And a budding necromancer has discovered her particular vulnerabilities.

(A short story of 4,100 words.)

This is a work of fiction. People, places, and events are made up; any that aren’t made up have all been processed through the shredder of the author’s imagination, and therefore bear only superficial resemblance to their originals, at best.

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This work is licensed in electronic format for your personal enjoyment only. That means no, you may not share this e-book by e-mail or on file-sharing sites, nor may you resell this story without authorization. Buy your friends their own copies, please. If the copy you’re reading wasn’t bought for your use specifically, please respect the author and delete or pay for the e-book. Thanks!

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