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The Dragons of the Dunes

By Kate Everson

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

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The Dunes called.

I had to obey.

For there she was, the goddess, compelling me to return.

Oh, I had been there before, and expected nothing less than the peace that had left me speechless, unable to comprehend what was happening to me. I was hers.

There was no doubt in my mind that this was a willing submission. I submitted. She controlled. It was that simple.

I loved it.

It took me beyond my mind, out of my body, into a spaciousness that was beyond explanation.

So here I was again. And the goddess was waiting.

She looked different somehow.

I wasn’t sure at first what it was.

She had the same limbs, thrusting into the welcoming sky.

But her face was different.

I looked, and looked again.

What was it?

I walked around her, silently, watching that face. Its features were exactly as before, but somehow they had softened. It was more a feeling than anything. I felt like she was loving me.

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