Sarah Comes Home

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Sarah Comes Home

"So what are you doing here Sarah, I thought you had a kid to watch?" I looked at the woman that just sat down next to me at the bar. She was a beautiful blond who was slightly shorter than me with a firm set of D cups a nice tight spankable ass. She was wearing a tight black dress and had three inch heels that almost formed to her feet.

"I was looking for you."

She replied smiling having finally found me at probably one of my more frequent hangouts. I looked at her again and took a swig of my beer and then again back at my beer. I smiled only to myself knowing that I was right again and I got a drink for her and I asked "That looser dumped you didn't he?"

"Yea" She said momentarily frowning, but I see her blink and then goes back to smiling "I'm here to have a good time and forget about him." She tried to say flirtatiously knowing that she could very easily wrap herself around my pinky again.

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