Field Recordings Of Henry Gowen

I. The Flight To Detroit

By Aaron Tsuru

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Copyright 2012 Aaron Tsuru

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It's hardly an original thought, yet here you are in the seat behind me on a flight to Detroit to connect to god knows where. How old are you? I'm guessing early 40s maybe later if you took decent care of yourself over the years. Let's say 41 to make it even -- because it's 2011, you see? and that would make you born in 1970 and 1970 is as good a year as any other for the happenstance of your birth. So, here you are, one seat behind me and one over, seat 41E for you & 40D for me, back of the bus sister -- as always, how is it I end up in the back when my connection is always so tight? Ah, traveling by air, the glamorous life, eh? -- where the bumps go BUMP and the smell of traveler's shit wafts ever so delicately in our nostrils. Not enough power in the recycled air pumps above our head to get that slight tinge off our tongues. It's probably making it worse, but at least the air is moving as it comes all over your face. Taste is mostly smell and if I'm smelling your shit, odds are I'm slightly tasting the molecules that left your ass. Always a pleasant thought on an air tight aeroplane a mile or so up in the great blue yonders. Yum.

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