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Beau Zen

Sharon L Reddy


Target Yonder

Smashwords Edition

ISBN 978-58338-354-4

Chapter One

Reva turned around. It wasn't easy. The ledge was narrow with a crumbling edge and she didn't move well, but she was too damn mad to die. The ledge was over the place her ship had been. Her partner had been on it. She'd been with their passenger. Their passenger was why her ship and partner were gone, and she was going to get her back from the slime who'd grabbed her, but she didn't have much time. Valady could not be coerced. She would die first and she was quite capable of deciding to get herself killed.

Reva moved another centimeter. She didn't count the ones left to the place the crater sloped and she could get to the top. She counted the ones she gained.

Valady, Rioso Light Child, Princess in Cognizance, and pleasant woman in her nineties, was quite sure Reva Jones was alive. She mentally appointed her to the position of Hand of the Court and sentenced the group around her to death. She intended to reduce the number Reva had to execute if possible. She had another job for her. Reva had the document disk with her will on it. She'd changed it when she'd met her. She'd appointed her guardian of her great-grandson. Of course, Reva would have to find him and get him first. On the disk were tools to help her do it. One of them was the code of an account with enough in it to buy her a very nice ship. She couldn't replace the loved friend. Nothing ever would. She saw an opportunity and took it.

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