I Realized God’s Promise are in Me

When I look in the mirror I don’t see the promises that God promised me. I see a sistah saddened with betrayal betrayed by a world full of deception getting bonuses on my depression that was forced on me. Constantly oppressing me to say that I am guilty for the struggle within and striving to be me when nobody cares who I am. God keeps telling me to wake the hell up as I walk around blinded as I lie to myself. The spirit moved me to where I was once was, feeding into a false since of me that could never be. What I thought was the life I wanted to have, only turned into a living hell, where everybody was judging me; as I beat up on myself.

My sins was and is the color of my skin, I jumped before the fade was me and he game was checking it self, the good ole days where not so good for me. Everybody’s screaming change as the depression kicks in no matter how much I scrub down I am who I am. And I was what I was struggling to find myself I lost who I was. Tell it to the judge as I wonder where I left of and where I begin, I have to constantly check the mirror because I’m getting dogged only to wake up.

I had I yet when I closed my eyes-someone else walked away with the prize my blessing where there’s and my failures became my obstacles; while I struggled with the lies. Good Luck just do you, every body says, have a good one no worries, but wake up you have to live with the reflection. As I beg God to bring me into alignment, No weapon form against me will ever rise, as I struggle to get past the nightmares and get to the prize.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper I’m tired of looking at the glass half fool. I miss my ole life the one that I was always complaining about. I beg God to bring the strong sistah back, but I believe age and other things have taken that sistah gurls place. I’m tired I say but as I catch my breath how can I knock what God has made.

Blame it on God because my own an sisters before me, always remind me how strong they must have been and how weak I have become.

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