You can publish an interesting book and make so much noise about it offline to attract the attention of members of the public. If you are lucky, you may just have to do this once. If your book is interesting and it gets into the hands of exciting and satisfied readers, they will take up the marketing of your book from you by using their word of mouth to tell others about it. Let me inform you that what I am about to describe below will cost you some cash but if it is done very well, it can go a long way to give good promotion to you and your book offline.

Now let us hit the ground running.

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Chapter 2: Choose a Medium of Advertisement

You should pick a medium of advertisement in your country. It can be a popular national newspapers, magazine, and TV/Radio house. You should ensure that your choice should have a large database of followers or viewers or listeners. You need to be sure of this before you settle for any. You should have three or four options listed here as you will be making use of about three of them if you act on the information you are going to receive in this guide.

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