Sharon L Reddy

Hometown Kelly and the Gizmo Team


Target Yonder

Smashwords Edition

ISBN 978-1-58338-355-1

Chapter One

It was Hell and always had been, but the only other choice was dead and he didn't get to make that one either. He'd worked not to wish he'd died with his parents in the accident he'd been too young to remember. He was alive and they weren't. Because they weren't, he was so rich he was kept alive. As long as he was, others had control of the wealth and used it, in his name of course, to make more wealth. They wielded the power it gave them, also in his name.

He wasn't asked if he wanted more wealth. He wasn't asked if he wanted to 'merge.' He wasn't asked if he wanted to close three plants and put over two thousand people out of work. He wasn't asked if he wanted to be alive. He had four nurses and five people who cared for his body. And none of them asked if he wanted to be alive. They were discussing another surgery. Not the physicians, the ones who controlled the wealth. His wealth. They discussed it right in front of him, but they didn't know he was there. No one did.

"It's probable the implant will keep him alive for a few more years. If he dies now, the Frazier deal will die with him. The potential profit is too high to suddenly have it fall apart. If his grandmother hadn't been crazy, we could have let him die years ago."

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