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Sharon L Reddy



Target Yonder

Smashwords Edition

ISBN 978-1-58338-373-5

Cover by Barbara Ivie Green

Chapter One

Trimmer adjusted her disguise a bit. She didn't want to go on a tour of the market, but it would be strange if a prosk collector didn't. The disguise was perfect for just looking around because prosk were upright bipeds with two arms and collectors were interested in everything. She reminded her stomach the market was the most important thing to check and she needed to maintain the disguise if she planned on living to leave the remisk trade post.

Humans had 'strange' ideas and were not welcome. Those strange ideas included things like freedom, equality and sentients were not suitable to have as dinner. The market was where she'd find the evidence. She hoped she didn't. If she did, things could get very hot in the cool relationship between the loose association of independent human worlds and the remisk empire. The treaty said no human ships, personnel, colonies, children, bodies, or anything else was to be bothered, collected, sold, had for dinner, or messed with period.

The remisk weren't taking ships. The question was, were they making the taking of them so profitable others were doing it for them. She'd already found enough to answer yes, but what she'd seen could be items traded by another species to the remisk. In the market, she'd find those things the remisk were not allowed to trade for per the treaty.

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