Sharon L Reddy


©2004, 2011

Target Yonder

Smashwords Edition

ISBN 978-1-58338-

Chapter One

Rex sighed. She was doing it again. She'd wiped him out, watched him borrow to keep playing, and was now seeing to it he got most of his money back. He had no idea who the lady was, but playing five card stud with her was a very interesting experience. She played other games, but stud with a joker wild was her forte.

Suddenly the young blond cutie just dropped out and they were four. She'd been losing fairly heavily, but not as much as he had been. Now he was beginning to pick up his stake. She wouldn't let him get it all back, just enough he could play someone who didn't totally confuse him. He watched as she 'went to work' on the techni. It wasn't long before the male technical person dropped out. His computer brain had told him she was going to gradually take his stake and he wasn't going to be able to prevent it. She didn't play a system. She just played and he had no idea when she was bluffing. None of them did.

The tall, regal, woman in her eighties, who he thought of as 'the countess,' had expressed it well. She thought like a computer when she played against one, but played like Lady Luck was a personal friend. The countess smiled, said she'd decided four credits ahead was quite satisfactory and playing against the two of them was not going to increase it. The redhead, who totally fascinated him, smiled and told her she'd enjoyed it, then she smiled at him.

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