Sharon L Reddy



Target Yonder

Smashwords Edition

ISBN 978-1-58338-509-8

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NASA, ESA, STScI and the

Hubble Heritage Collaboration

Chapter One

Hard-won time between two missions, they needed it. They felt ragged-edged from high-stress patrolling. They knew everyone thought they were crazy to request transfer to blockade runners, but a runner ran and it was over for awhile. Patrol was day after day of watching for the sudden appearance of a group, who had their own definition of blockade.

Tanner looked down at Kev and smiled. He was practically bouncing. R and R to him meant music, people and a party. She'd promised one. She was taking him where he'd find one. The Shern Funplex was the right place to start. She pulled him close to her side and glared down a nine-stripe marine whose ideas about him had nothing to do with duty.

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