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Sharon L Reddy

Forest Child

©1993, 2000, 2011

Target Yonder

Millennium Works Collection

Smashwords Edition

ISBN 978-1-58338-503-6

Chapter One

Carline looked at the small man and wondered what he'd used to make his skin seem sort of silvery. Not silver, it was creamy white with a slight blush of rose that said he was just plain healthy. The silver was a sheen that was just... silvery in the lights. She decided bold was becoming and sat down across from the redhead with gorgeous green eyes.

"Hi, I'm Carline."


"I've never seen you before, so you've probably never come to Sparks before. Like the band?"

"I think so. My ears haven't decided if the music is good or they're being assaulted. It's very loud."

"Won't seem so when the place gets packed with bodies in about an hour. You've got an accent I can't even begin to place and I'm pretty good."

"This language was learned from another who had also learned it from another. The accent probably carries several within it."

"Probably explains it. You're not going to tell me your name and where you're from?"

"I'm called Mand. My full name is difficult for a speaker of this language to pronounce. Mand is enough. I will know you call me if you say it."

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