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Sharon L Reddy

Lone Ranger Legacy

©1995, 2011

Target Yonder

Millennium Works Collection

Smashwords Edition

ISBN 978-1-58338-563-0

Chapter One

The congress debated the issue five 'months,' then put it on the ballot as a referendum. It was the only solution they could see. The individual members of the congress couldn't agree with themselves on the issue. The decision would be made by those who could make a choice, yes or no. They had just enough time to get it on the ballot.

No advertising was done. No support groups sprang up. The people knew the need and the choice. They knew the options. The choice would be made by each one who decided to make the choice one way or the other. It was made by twelve percent of the population who voted. That wasn't unexpected. The turnout for the election was moderate. That hadn't been unexpected either. The count was done and checked and the people accepted the choice. There were twenty-three more votes to accept the offer of Kethis Laboratory. They would buy young men.

It wasn't an extremely populous planet. That was part of the problem. It was suddenly getting less populous fast. They needed healthy genetic material. The fourteen worlds The Way of Light Church dominated in the Sector League had made it illegal to do in-vitro fertilization eighty years before. They'd also made it illegal to import human gametes. Then the Chirardy sea mines had been opened and an algae had changed. It was eaten by the most common type of food fish. Fish was a major source of protein. By the time they'd identified it, they needed healthy genetic material. Kethis Laboratory had made an offer.

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