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Sharon L Reddy

Heroes Need a Captain

©1999, 2011

Target Yonder

Millennium Works Collection

Smashwords Edition

ISBN 978-1-58338-562-3

Cover background: NASA, STScI

Chapter One

Lura didn't like the place. She was sure she'd have trouble before the evening was out, but was down to her last few creds and had docking fees to pay. The loud, dirty bar was known to be a place to pick up 'quiet' work. She wouldn't do anything really illegal, but she was to the point she was willing to take on a job that was irregular. She had seven standard hours before her ship was over her credit limit on accumulated fees. If she didn't come up with half by then, it would be "locked."

She'd worked too hard to buy the battered old ship she'd named Cotton to lose her. She'd also put every credit she earned back into her. Cotton still looked like a battered old light-cargo hauler, but she didn't run like one. Lura sat down at a table and used her last four creds to buy a sipper of Tasik brandy. Since she disliked it, she'd be able to nurse it several hours if necessary. She didn't like the place, but had a feeling it was the right one, and an off-hand mention, by someone who didn't do off-hand to back it. She sat back and looked around.

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