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The Rise of the Insane State - What is happening to the U.S. Economy?

Kenneth R. Szulczyk

The Rise of the Insane State – What is happening to the U.S. Economy?

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Edition 6.0, December 2013


This book examines self-interest. Politicians, attorneys, bureaucrats, businessmen, and people do not look at government and think how to improve our laws, rules, and regulations. Instead, they analyze our legal system, devising and scheming how to benefit personally from the legal system.

Under a capitalistic system, profits drive self-interest. Thus, a person can use this simple rule to predict outcomes. A person just asks one question - how does one profit from this situation? On the other hand, government and public institutions rarely follow a profit motive. Whims, notions, beliefs, and prejudices guide their self-interest that constantly changes. If government evolves in a large controlling institution, it opens the doors to an insane asylum. Unfortunately, those doors flung violently opened in the 1990s in the United States as Americans witnessed the death of common sense. Hence, we arrive at the title of this book, “The Rise of the Insane State.”

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