Demonic Justice

Lord Koga

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Demonic Justice

No, please don’t,” the black haired woman begged as she was pressed back against the cold prison wall, only to feel his claws rope around her neck holding her in place as the cold steel bar sank between the cracks of her curvy auburn ass cheeks. “Shut it Tasha, you’ve had this coming for the evil you have done… this is your punishment come life,” the darkness growled as he sank his long dull claws into her breasts slashing slowly into her caramel flesh as small drops of blood leaked down the slightly round curves. “Please… pleas no… don’t,” She implored, feeling the blades of his nails grazing further down her chest, slashing deeply into her flesh as it made its way slowly down between her inner thighs. “Why not?” the dark figure breathed deeply as he tangled his other hand into the dark long locks of her hair, slowly pulling a couple dozen stands from their roots.

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