Clare Hamlin

Table Of Contents

Prologue 3

Chapter 1 4

Chapter 2 36

Chapter 3 62

Chapter 4 97

Chapter 5 123

Chapter 6 155

Chapter 7 203

Chapter 8 229

Chapter 9 271

Chapter 10 322

Chapter 11 356

Chapter 12 380

Chapter 13 410


All around me there is nothing but darkness. A single light hangs in the middle of the darkened basement, it absentmindedly flickers as it illuminates a single circle in the middle of the room. Nothing else can be seen, but I know he is here. I can feel him, that choking dark presence that beckons me to draw closer. I feel the smoky air of his aura, the feel of it as it coils around my neck. I draw a sharp inhale as I try not to show the fear that sings through my veins. I mustn't show him what he wants. I mustn't give into the terror he so desperately needs.

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