Ann Aprann Pale Kreyol Chak Jou

Let’s Learn To Speak Haitian Creole Every Day

With “The Definitive Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Reference”


This new book, “The Definitive Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Reference is designed to give beginning and intermediate learners of Haitian Creole an easy-to-use guide and sure foundation in the basic grammar,cultural relevance, phonology, context, and vocabulary of the language. It can be used by individuals who are working in the field and wanting to communicate with Haitians. In other words, it will focus mostly on interpersonal communication needs. It will make use of the most commonly used expressions, proverbs, phrases, exercises, notes, grammar explanations, and situational dialogues to expose you to the Haitian language and culture.

Some of the lessons will include topics related to church, construction of schools, health centers, homes, schools, classrooms, outdoors, Haitian market, arts and crafts, clothing, weather, shopping, food, restaurants, tales,games, toys, fables, laundry, farming, travel, transportation, cultural artifacts, medical care, swimming, music etc.

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