E.L Beth

Chapter 1

I’m not doing it. Forget it Angel, this is some sort of fucked up cult.” Aavah Smith was not about to listen to Angel. Her friend was mixed up in some serious shit. These people were not the type to fuck around around.

It’s not a cult. It’s a way of life. Just give it a go. Come and talk to Mannie. He’ll tell you all about us. You will love him. You know I won’t ever put you in any trouble. I’ve been with them for almost a year and I can assure you it’s the best decision of my life.”

Aavah didn’t like the sound of that. She was not into all this religious bullshit. These guys were hard core. Aavah had read about their cult in the papers. She had witnessed her best friend become a new found Christian. Yeah this was not for her. Aavah didn’t believe in a higher being. She believed in morals and ethics and above all believed in Karma. She believed that once a person dies, their soul searches for another vessel to live in… Thus reincarnation… But God and all that other stuff… Yeah no thank you.

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