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The Mask of Romek
T.C McQueen

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 TC McQueen


In the beginning there was Dark. A lot of Dark. Then as you no doubt will remember from school, there was Light. Bright searing burning Light. Well the Dark didn't like that too much. In fact the Dark was really quite put out by all that Light. Ever since then the Dark wanted things back the way they were before. My job, probably even my destiny if there is such a thing, is to make sure that doesn't happen.

I grew up in a small Texas town called Fort Riley. Had a pretty normal life, served my country in the Great War, came home, became a deputy, got a wife. Then one day in the winter of 1922, a clan of vampires decided Fort Riley was their next meal break. I came back from a prisoner run to the courthouse two towns over to find everyone I had ever known dead, dying or undead.

That’s what put me on this road I travel. You see I after I put down the walking nightmares that used to be people I torched the town, tracked those vampires all the way to Arkham and put them down too. That’s where I met the others like me. Septimus, Marcus and the others. Normal people who have been touched by the paranormal. Normal people who make a stand. Shit, now I sound like a goddamn recruitment poster. Maybe I should.

Anyway. We carried on the fight. Taking on whatever the darkness threw at us. We saw shit you wouldn't believe. Hell I'm not sure I believe half of it and I was there.

Then we followed the trail of a Daemon to South America, ended up in Peru. After Peru, and what happened to us in those caves... We stopped being normal.

None of us noticed at first

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