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Paying for College

Ken Szulczyk

Paying for College

Copyright © 2009 by Kenneth R. Szulczyk

All rights reserved

Cover design by Kenneth R. Szulczyk

Smashwords Edition 2.0, March 2012

Here I am sitting in the bushes.

It is mid-March, and it is still cold. The rain is pit patting lightly on the leaves. My clothes are damp from the rain penetrating my jacket.

I begin to shiver; my teeth are clicking together, making me sound like an old mechanical typewriter. I glance down at my watch. It is around 10 o’clock. I gaze across the street, looking at Mike’s Garage, and observing all the signs of life.

The lights are still on, and the mechanics are still working inside. They must have many cars to work on. They are working late tonight.

Here I sit, wondering what the heck am I doing here? Am I really this crazy? This desperate? No harm was done. I can get up now and go home. I would suffer no consequences, but I remain glued to the spot. With tears almost flooding my eyes, I remember the financial-aid letter that arrived in the mailbox yesterday.

The university gave me two weeks to pay the remaining balance on my account. If I do not pay, the university automatically withdraws me from class. Of course, I would not finish my course work, and will lose my scholarship for next year. I only owe the university a meager sum of $660, but it is a king’s fortune to a student on financial aid.

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