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From Clay to Classrooms

An Architect’s Dream to Advance Education in Africa

Alan R. Roy

Agio Publishing House

151 Howe Street, Victoria BC Canada V8V 4K5

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From Clay to Classrooms

ISBN 978-1-897435-67-0 (trade paperback)

ISBN 978-1-897435-68-7 (SMASHWORDS eBook edition)

Dedication: For my lovely wife, Maureen


As a young boy in the early sixties, my awareness of the plight of Africa may have been limited to a paragraph or two in a social studies textbook, or a fleeting UNICEF television image of a gaunt Biafran child’s plea for sponsorship. Growing up in the idyllic rural spaces west of Cornwall, Ontario, with seasons blending unnoticeably into each other, my brothers and I had no greater purpose in life than to look forward to the multitude of available local adventures. In the summer, we swam and fished in the warm waters of Lake St. Lawrence; in the winter, we skated on its thin frozen surface and tobogganed down the steep face of its dykes. In the woods on the other side of the creek that meandered through our back yard, we hunted rabbit, built play cabins and picnicked with friends at an abandoned rock quarry, our secret meeting place. We were oblivious to the daily struggles of millions of our counterparts in undeveloped countries.

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