While we go to testing of the software that is being developed we will use testing tools. These are of two kinds manual testing and Automated testing. In manual testing each and every step is tested and automated testing the same is done by software. Quick test professional (QTP) developed by HP is an automated testing tool. It is very popular and used in almost every software development company at there quality and testing department. This book is a lecturer notes which was by an experienced lecturer. The book is written as it is. Hope you like the book.

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Quick Test Professional (QTP)

25th July,2013

  • Tips for generating the basic Vb script for windows based applications.

Winobjec Script

*Dialog Dialog(“Dialog Name”)

*Window Window(“Window Name”)

*TextBox/EditBox WinEdit(“EditBoxName”)

*ComboBox/ListBox WinListBox(“ListBoxName”)

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