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A Civil Quarrel

Written by H. Jason Schulz

Copyright © 2011 H. Jason Schulz

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

Any individual or group who wish to produce this Scene is required to give credit to the Author (H. Jason Schulz) as the sole and exclusive author of the Scene. This obligation applies to the title page of every program distributed in connection with the Scene and in any instance that the title of the Scene appears for purposes of advertising, publicizing, or otherwise exploiting the Scene and/or production thereof. No royalties are required. Thank you.

Cast of Characters:

Boy one

Boy two



A front porch


Halloween night

Scene 1

(The scene opens with an old man sitting in a rocking chair on a front porch. Two boys dressed in Halloween costumes with bags of candy approach and sit down next to him.)

Grandpa: How’d the tricker-treatin’ go?

Boy one: It went okay.

Boy two: (Shaking his bag.) Yeah. Okay.

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