Boy one: Hey Grandpa, do you know any ghost stories?

Grandpa: Yep. Lots of ‘em.

Boy two: Would you tell us one?

Grandpa: I guess. What do you want to hear about?

Boy one and two: Zombies!

Grandpa: (Rocks back and forth in thought for a moment then leans toward the boys) All right. Here goes…I’d always heard about the old graveyard back when I lived in Wickenburg, ever since I was just a little buck. I never knew where it was though; your great grandma didn’t like to talk about it and your great granddad told me that it was way out past the old ranch somewheres. As near as I can remember… the zombie story goes somethin’ like this:

In…Oh…about 1870 or so, there was an old colonel from the south who moved west after the civil war. He took to prospecting around the east side of Vulture Peak. If you ever get out Wickenburg way you’re sure to see it. Now about the same time there was an old major from the north that took up prospecting on the west side of the peak. These two old war horses were without any family and soon started the war back up. Before long neither of them could do any prospecting for fear of the other. They spent their time patrolling their claims and shooting at each other. No one wanted to come anywhere’s near the peak for fear of catching a stray shot. But the town could always hear ‘em every now and then throwing bullets back and forth. Before long though, the towns folk noticed that the gun fire had stopped and they supposed that one had finally got the other so they went up to investigate. They found that both old men had died of dehydration! Can you believe that? Neither would leave his claim even to fetch a drink of water!

Well, the town folk gathered them up and buried them in the old graveyard and legend has it that every year at sun set, on Halloween night, those two dead soldiers gets up out of their graves and start a fightin’. They punch and kick, spit and swear all night long. I guess it got so bad that the whole town just picked up and moved miles away, so as not to be bothered by them anymore. And that’s why the town of Wickenburg was moved away from Vulture Peak.

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