The Order of the Acolyte

Bonds of Blood, Love, and War

By Joshua Pinon


This is the third installment of the Acolyte series, The Acolyte Dawn of a New Hero and the Order of the Acolyte Sins of Generations Past. The Order of Acolyte have just resurfaced from the devastation that took place during the Downtown Showdown only to find themselves at war with the Faceless Foe revealed to be The Acolyte’s half twin brother from another mother who is the real enemy prepares for his grand master plan to defeat the Order of the Acolyte. On top of the Orders preparing for the inevitable, The Order of the Acolyte takes on the toughest obstacle during this difficult time, love!

This is dedicated to everyone close to me, my incredible parents who are two of the most selfless human beings in the world, my family, my nephews and nieces, my coworkers, and last but not least all my friends and fraternity brothers for being so supportive throughout the years. I also dedicate this to all my superhero inspirations that sparked this idea in my mind to write this novel.



(Cindy, Oscar, Brett, Landon, Alexa, Melanie, Ryan, Tina, Shawn, Richard, Kenny, Marta, Brandon, James, Todd, Sara, Eric, Amanda, Christine, Ian, Cisco, Luis (RIP), Kreg, Kyle, Veronica, Jamie, Kimmy, Bethany, Aaron, Robyn, Chris, Mark, Susan, Dominic, JC, Jen, Jeremy, Missy, Vince, Minh, Neil, John, Nathaniel, Kyle, Josh, Sean, Mike, Jesse (RIP), Jessica, Stephanie, Amy, Nikki (RIP), Pat, Brianna, Antoinette, Jennifer, Huitzi, Jerry, Demetrus, Priscilla, Andi, Amanda, Dominique, Jenna, Adam, Eric, Nicole, Maya, Sam, Bouvier, everyone I cheered with and to the cheerleaders I coached throughout the years, any of my family members friends, and fraternity brothers not mentioned but I’m running out of room sorry)

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