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Lacey and Mr. Bentley

~K. Lyn~

Copyright 2011-06-10: K. Lyn

Romancing Erotica Books

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Included in: Lacey and Mr. Bentley

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. Lacey and Mr. Bentley



Lacey’s professor has quite the reputation for being the great seducer on campus, and Lacey desperately needs his assistance. The smug professor gladly invites her to his private residence on a Friday night for a private tutoring session, eager to have the one woman who does not fall at his feet whenever he enters the classroom. Lacey, however, is not like most young women who have fallen quickly under the spell of the handsome professor. Professor Bentley is not the first professor who has tried to have his way with her, and Lacey has not yet fallen for even one of their well honed skills of seduction.

Lacey and Mr. Bentley:

“Oh, man, I just don’t get this,” Lacey said aloud. “Why do I need this class to graduate, anyway? Computers can do everything for you now.” Lacey threw her thick textbook across the room. “I’m young. I need to have fun. I need to get laid, too.” Lacey had not had a boyfriend for nearly a year and she missed feeling the weight of a man’s body on her petite frame. She leaned back in her chair and stroked her pussy. “You poor thing. We need to get you what you deserve somehow.” Lacey’s vibrator would not do tonight. Tonight she needed the real thing.”

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