Honestly, what was wrong with her, she was a widow for three years now, with two nearly grown sons, a mortgage nearly paid for and a dog that adored her. So why didn't Ed give her the time of day, she shrugged as she carried on a conversation with one of her neighbors.

Oh sure, he'd glance her way, occasionally, smiled, even chatted with her, but not once in all the times they'd talked had he asked her out.

Obviously he wasn't interested in her. What was wrong with her? What was wrong with him?

He was a widower too, had been for five years now. Surely that had been time enough to get over Helen. Ah yes, Helen, the perfect wife, mother and PTA chairwoman had died of cancer and broken his heart. Any man would have a hard time getting over a woman like that. Maybe he just couldn't pick up his life and go on. It just didn't jive. Connie was sure it was nothing more than a case of "not interested" and wasn't going to be either.

Martini's floated around the room on beautiful silver trays and Connie walked over to the cheese buffet. She nibbled on Elderman's cheese relishing the rich flavor that her long time neighbor had perfected in his cheese business years ago.

Joan Elderman spotted her and waved, edging her way over to Connie.

"Nice party, Joan," Connie quipped trying to sound nonchalant and knowing her bored smile told all.

"He hasn't spotted that lovely dress, I take it?" Joan rolled her eyes at Connie, and then tried to look sympathetic. "Honestly that man."

Her glance slid to Ed, noting the way he kept glancing over, but not moving in their direction.

"This old thing?" Connie protested, smoothing a hand down her slightly short black sheath dress, and patting her perfectly coiled naturally blonde hairdo. This old thing had set her back $100, just yesterday! And for what? Ed could care less!

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