Own Yourself


About the Author


This book is written for salespeople.

I am a real estate sales professional, but I suppose the application of this book can be used in any sales related industry.

In a world of economic uncertainty, and in a nation that is politically and economically broken, how can a sales professional survive…let alone prosper?

The purpose of this book is to help my colleagues. It doesn’t matter if you sell real estate, cars, or widgets. My hope is to bring you to a constant awareness in your daily business that things change rapidly, and that the true professional must be prepared to adapt to change in an instant.

Stepping out a little further, adapting to change in a new business environment is not enough. Maintaining a healthy and balanced environment in your home and community is equally as important to most salespersons.

Using four simple techniques that I’ve outlined in the next few pages, you will identify with the pain and exhilaration that only a salesperson can experience.

Most importantly, however, you will find that all of us are capable of a living a harmonious, well balanced life while working within the ever advancing technologies of our trade.

Are You Playing On The Right Fairway?”

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