Against God: How the God of Abraham is Against Morality, Against Reality, and Against Reason

by Gregory Coffin

Other titles include:

Sterling Honor

The Gospel of Reason

A Social Carol

The Justified Trilogy
Philosophical Works 2010-2014

Philosophical Works 2015

The following is a collection of works that show there is a Good beyond God. In particular, the God of Abraham (using the bible and koran) is focused upon showing how He is the epitome of being unjust, leading His followers to act similarly. Fortunately, we can see He is unreal, though His followers must be taken into consideration; there is a difference between the modern-religious believer who ignores or is ignorant of the intolerance of His God’s history, and the follower who not only knows of God’s intolerance, but revels in and enforces it. The works are in chronological order, but have included a Table of Contents with categories and links to make it easier to find specific topics of interest.

The links provided with bring you to different websites where updates on my work can be seen.


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