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Metaphysics (a Sonnet in The Gospel of Reason)

A poem from my book The Gospel of Reason that reviews the origins of existence.

'If you don't believe God exists, how could you be mad at Him?'

A dismissive question made by many believers implies that atheists and agnostics must have some degree of belief in order to be ‘mad at God.’ This is the response to their false assumption.

Belief in God is the Ultimate Moral Relativism [A Brief Review]

An oft-heard criticism of being without faith, is that one has no moral center – that society would crumble and humankind would devolve into mindless, murdering and rapacious heathens without God’s moral guidance. This shows how following the God of Abraham leads to an ultimate ‘might makes right’ standard.

Why Proving/Disproving God is Impossible

Claims that ‘you cannot prove God doesn’t exist,’ and that supposedly are to offer scientific proof that God does exist, in addition to the claims that make the opposite assertions that there is scientific proof God does not exist, are addressed.

Proof of the New Highest God

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