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Under the cherry moonlight, the sun sank behind the tranquil water of the Mississippi. The street lights on Canal Street reflected on small waves turned by the paddle boat downriver. I glanced at my gold watch, seven o’ clock. I’ve been waiting for the Number Seven street car. I’m late. I sat on the cold green bench waiting for this damn Number Seven. The rustling of the traffic was hypnotic. I slept.


I woke and I looked to my left. A slim silhouette of a woman strutted towards me. She was in plain black dress that hung to her knees. I leaned back on the bench as if I didn’t see her as she approached the stop. In the yellow dim street light, I could see her bushy ponytail blowing in the humid air, the kind of hair that is used to having fingers run through it. Graham cracker brown, she had flawless skin. I forced the vomit in my throat to go back down. I was nervous on the cold bench. My feet, numb from sitting so long, shuffled when she looked my way. I dipped my head to hide my glances. Her slender body was perfect for me; it reminded me of piano keys. I could run my fingers up and down her, playing Mozart’s Piano Concerto no.24 in C minor. Hurry up Number Seven, but I really did not mean it. I got up and stumbled towards her. I heard the rumble of the Number Seven, the bells, the scraping of tracks. I looked over the green bench. She was sitting there. I could wait for the next.


written for mariamawit gizam

Two jellyfish swim miles apart--one male the other female. They lie in the salty

waters as old Cheetos bags float by, but suddenly a shift in the currents causes them

to draw a little closer. Slowly, this warm southern current shoves them toward

each other ever so sightly. A few of their tentacles brush at first. A few more

begIn to curl and touch sliding over each other. As the current pushes the more t

their tentacles touch and intertwine. The more the two jellyfish spin around,

the more their tentacles slide off and touch each other as if they were dancing a waltz,

creating an interlocking ball until all are locked in place.Again another current s

shifts from the north; it tries to separate the two jellyfish but it is to no

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