Task Force on AVMA Programs for Students and Recent Graduates Report


In January 2010, the AVMA determined a need to review current programs for students and recent graduates in an effort to identify areas of need for the Association. At the January board meeting a recommendation was put forward to initiate the Task Force for AVMA Student and Recent Graduate Programs. The Task Force consisted of eight members and included an Executive Board member, students (2), recent graduates (2), faculty (2), an at large veterinarian and AVMA staff.

A total of fifty-six applications were received for the Task Force and selection of the participants occurred at the 2010 April Board meeting. Once the selections were confirmed, an initial conference call was held, followed by the first in-person meeting in June at AVMA Headquarters. The following individuals were selected to participate in the Task Force:

Dr. Joe Kinnarney – AVMA Executive Board representative & Chair of the Task Force
Dr. J. Michael McFarland – At large veterinarian
Dr. Ron Cott – Veterinary Faculty
Dr. Karen Cornell – Veterinary Faculty
Dr. Melissa Austin Gundel – Recent Graduate
Dr. Justin Sobota – Recent Graduate
Robin Hansen – Student
Brian Hartschuh – Student

AVMA Staff included Dr. Kevin Dajka, Dr. Derrick Hall and Leslie Langton.

The Task Force held two in-person meetings at AVMA Headquarters, the first in June and the second and final meeting in November. The group also held seven conference calls throughout the year to continue work in between meetings and the final report. This final report, Task Force findings and recommendation are all being submitted to the AVMA Executive Board meeting in April of 2011.

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