Relax Mon!

Manuscript Template

L. A. Wallace


Inspirational, wisdom, poetry, and meditations for relaxation and connection to inner peace.


I am not necessarily a religious person. I am very spiritual and I believe we all are of a universal energy. We all come from this energy and we all are a part of it. It is when we tap into this universal energy that we excel in our lives. The way we connect to this energy is love. Love for ourselves and all god’s creations; we and everything around us is a manifestation of this universal energy. When we are connected we are empowered and strong. It is disconnection from this source that leaves us weak, feeling drained and unmotivated. Look at the world with love and know you are one with all that exist. View everything lovingly with an open mind. Enjoy as you read on and Relax Mon!

Yes God does work in mysterious ways. Sometimes we don’t know the reasons behind our struggles but know this, “God will never give you more than you can handle.” Challenges are a necessary part of life. As I sit now in beautiful St Thomas writing the words on this page I know that God has blessed me and that all is well with the world. All is as God intends it to be, “perfect!”

As you read on, I hope that the mentors who led me to write this book inspire you as they have me. Please read on with an open mind and the ingenuity to think and apply it to your life as it fits. Take what works with you and leave the rest for those who can apply it to their lives. Never be gullible, just open minded. God bless you and all you do in your life. I hope that the universe has used me as an agent for inspiring positive change in your life. Just as my experience at Walden University inspired motivation and direction in my life. I’ve thought of writing a book for years and over time all the tools I needed were attracted to me through my continued belief and dedication. The same will be true for you. Be passionate and dedicated to your dreams and they will come true.

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