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For Paris & Hunter

You taught me how to love unconditionally ~

Forever and Always

Chapter 1.


Rolling over in bed, I pull the pillow over my head trying unsuccessfully to muffle out the alarm. Sailing across the room to bang my hand on my alarm clock until it is silenced, nice way to start my day. Not any day, my first day of my junior year. If things work out right, I’ll have enough money saved up to buy a car by the end of this semester. Until I have a car, I have to ride with my mom. Lame right? It’s six in the morning, usually I’d be dragging ass since I didn’t fall asleep until four, but the first day jitters have me amped awake.

Last night I was almost asleep, and then I heard the neighbors’ dogs barking, which kept me up. Not to mention, before that happened I saw the crazy lady across the street sneaking to water her lawn. It has been another dry summer in Oklahoma; a water rationing ordinance is in place. If anyone is caught watering their lawn, they are slapped with a hundred dollar fine. It is beyond me how she isn’t caught, being she is the only one with green grass on our street. Why risk a ticket for green grass? I never saw what caused the dogs to bark, but I was amazed that no one bothered shushing them. No lights. No yelling. Nothing.

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