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Jeffrey V. Perry

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2009 Jeffrey V. Perry


To Mom


Elwood “Gene” Edwards, PhD, editing


Thank “...the Lord that lead-eth me, yah” – Bob Marley


WELCOME HOME is a book of beginnings, where to start. After we run here and there in our travels and escapades, we finally return to the only place where we are sure of ourselves and know our needs. WELCOME HOME is a return to “home, where the heart is,” back to basics, and core of our values. Our mystery, like the “prodigal son” and the circle of Jude o - Christian belief is that we one day, inevitably learn that valuable lesson in life, as even Dorothy, in the “Wizard of Oz”, summed it up, “there is no place like home!” Since, home is our first beginnings, why is it that we have to leave? Maybe our lessons are somewhere out there, where we do not belong. Life is not just our birth and because we seem to grow bigger despite any effort we make in trying to stay a small cute bundle of joy. We cannot remain a small size, or in one place to eat just, once. But, then, why should we ever need to return home to simpler undertakings? If we are ever to succeed in our lives, maybe we should go home “from school” to remain out of trouble, or to complete your chores first before playing. Maybe, it is very important to be safe, familiar, and welcomed.

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