Tough Guys:

The homicide cases of Turner Hahn and Frank Morale


B. R. Stateham

Table of Contents

A Player

Charlie Flash

It’s Cold

Jimmy’s Dead


Prove It


Boy Scout and the Beast

Just a Job

Midnight Rambler

The Dead Don’t Complain

Jimmy’s Dead

Getting Away with Murder

A Freak’en Mess

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A Player

Bright headlights from the ’67 Shelby 350 GT Mustang glared into the night. Two columns of yellow-white light illuminating the evening’s growing mist with a tired indifference. Illuminating the body sprawled out on the hot concrete of the empty street with my partner and me bracketing the dead man like a pair of old, worn bookends. Around us the cacophony of cicadas grinding away in the night was unbelievable. The constant sawing sound of hundreds of them filled the hot summer blackness. I stood with hands in my slacks looking at death while cicadas were singing their irritating song of life. It made of a surreal experience.

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