(A Book in Poetry)

Jeffrey Perry


Copyright 2009 Jeffrey Perry

This effort in poetry is dedicated to my grandfathers,

Calvin "Mack" Edwards, and G.A. Perry (a poet himself);

They are “My Gemini spirits."


Thanks to Ann Lennon for her supporting work in this project.

Thanks to Marty Cohen for the photos that he took of me

Thanks to Dexter Perry for the pictures in the Photo Gallery

Thanks to Dr. Thomas Edwards and Carolyn Green for their sound advice (and as my uncle and my aunt.)

And thanks to all my family, my friends, co-workers and all those who have given their opened-ended support!

And a special thanks to Esther B. Perry, my mother, and my brothers; Dexter, Zeggory and Stuart there is no more I can say…, just read it.

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