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by Peggy Webb


Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Peggy Webb

Cover design copyright 2011 Marc Fletcher

Publishing history/ Bantam / September 1986

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Chapter One

"You're late." Dr. Ellen Stanford looked up from the notes she was studying and assessed the man standing in her doorway. He had the muscles of a linebacker, piercing black eyes, and a little-boy smile.

She sighed. Trust Rachelle to pick a football player.

"You're taller than I wanted, but you’ll do." She set her notebook on a cluttered desk, perched on its edge, and crossed her legs. "Just so we have a clear understanding of this job from the outset, I am not paying you for sex—just to act as if we have it."

The man didn't bat an eyelash. He simply leaned against the door and surveyed her with those unsettling eyes. By the time he got to her face, she felt like squirming. Now she knew how all those poor bugs she had studied under the microscope had felt. She wondered if she should go back to Duke University and apologize to them.

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