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Recreational Power Boaters Guide

Floyd M. Orr

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2002 Floyd M. Orr

Smashwords Edition: Copyright © 2009 Floyd M. Orr

This book is a work of nonfiction. Any and all facts and figures presented herein are accurate to the best of our knowledge. The publisher and author disclaim responsibility for any misprints, math errors, or other inaccuracies presented. Any and all celebrity and trademark names are mentioned for identification purposes only. This is not an official publication sponsored or endorsed by any corporate entity mentioned herein.

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This book is dedicated to Miss Pamela, who suggested one day while we were mooing like two contented cows as we drifted to nowhere on one of our two boats, that I write a book about boating. That turned out to be a splendid idea! I want to also dedicate this book to my dad, whose money fixed our ski boat after I sank it.

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