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High Stakes

Captain Wallis looked at her cards, looked at me. Looked at her cards. Looked at my pile. Looked at Rafe. He smiled at her again. Did he have a frigging built-in detector for when people were thinking naughty thoughts about him?

Probably. He sure picked up on mine fast enough.

Focus, Taro.

"What do you say?" Wallis asked. "All or nothing?"

Hell. Wouldn't it be just my luck lately if she had a royal flush too?

"Why not?" I started to shove my pile. Wallis raised her hand. Doubled the size of her pile, made it three times the size of mine. In most games that was illegal, but in Port Royal she could get away with it. If—Captain Kato frowned, but he didn't call her on it. Then I realized—

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