A Jessie Carr Novel

Book 4

Written by JL Schneider

Published by JL Schneider at Smashwords

JL Schneider is the exclusive owner and copyright holder on this publication

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What makes the perfect weapon? I sit and hold what I consider my perfect weapon. I have used it many times, all successfully. This weapon and I have much in common. It is cold, it is hard, and it has no emotion. I gently pass it over my arm, the hairs part effortlessly. It has been honed to the finest edge possible. The steel is 1095 Cro-Van; it is honed to a perfect 20 degrees.

I gently caress the leather covered handle, aged to a dark color over time by sweat and blood. I have owned this beautiful piece of engineering for over thirty years. It was given to me by a friend, a gift from one soldier to another. Over the years it has been used, always by me, and always with respect.

I look closely at the blade, a small nick halfway back from the tip brings a smile to my face. I remember the violent impact with my victim’s blade, just before I drove it into his abdomen. I see the small scratch on the butt where I struck the barrel of a rifle pointed at me, it saved my life that day. It also took a life, easily sliding into my victim’s chest.

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