Through my Eyes

By Nora Jaber

Copyright 2012 Nora Jaber

Smashwords Edition

She was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen. I wondered if she too was created from a beast’s urine, but comparing her to myself, I doubted that such a filthy secretion could produce two entirely different beings.

All my life I saw the exact same view, literally, everyday. I emerged from the ground and hadn’t moved from there ever since; I haven’t moved at all. I have grown somewhat taller though, so instead of just infinite grass blades as my horizon, today I could see over them. I could see creatures flying and the sun; it shone a fiery yellow in the morning then turned into a white sphere at night that radiated a magnificent glow against a sheet of black. And every day at dawn, just before the moon turned back into the sun, when the sky was still a blend of orange, gray and blue, she would appear. Perfection at its finest. She’d emerge from the pentagon she lived in –her type called it a “house”- and the sight of her never failed to amaze me; she’s all I ever waited for.

Her face was round, skin white as the clouds; it reminded me of the moon, how it was enveloped by her voluptuous black-as-night hair that flowed all the way down her slender back. Her lips were always red and full, and her eyes like stars, shone a reflection of the feelings I knew she kept inside. She seemed like she too was waiting for the same thing I waited for; a sense of completion.

I watched her every move and envied the beast she played with. She’d throw objects for it to fetch then pat its head when it brought them back to her. Something inside me burned when I’d see it push its head deeper into her hands and flap its tail up and down, signalling its happiness. But as jealous as I was of the beast, part of me was thankful to it because I knew that its urine was why I was there, blessed by her sight.

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