Nora's Scribbles

By Nora Jaber

Copyright 2012 Nora Jaber

Smashwords Edition

Promise's Progeny:

With a broken promise it begins every time

as desire sweeps in and takes over our minds

Like thunder it shatters all thoughts from before

to a place that’s our own, we then go for more.

In oceans of longing I yearn for your touch

until with your lips, my figure you brush;

a shiver you cause; I now throb for you

for your voice, for your kiss, the things that you do.

then like velvet your tongue draws its path on my skin

with a taste of my lips is where you begin

in the curve of my neck, you next plant a kiss

wherever I feel you, I 'm showered in bliss

your name is a song that your touch makes me sing

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