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The Seven

By Ark Means

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The Seven

Copyright © 2011 by Ark Means


~ Crystal Davis, a stay at home mom, started her Sunday morning on August 24, as she had for the past few years. She woke up and made breakfast for her husband Steven, who is a high school history teacher, and her two children Mark and Samantha.

The day couldn’t have been any lovelier as they stepped out to attend Sunday church service after the hot meal she’d prepared. The Sun was shining so brightly on this particular day that after service the Children ages 12 and 9 wanted to go home instead of out to lunch as usual so that they could hang out with their friends and enjoy the weather for a few hours before dinner.

Crystal really didn’t care about not going out for lunch because she had a ton of laundry to do anyway and she knew that Steven would be confined to the sofa watching any and every sport that he could without interruption from her or the kids. Yes it was a day that begin like many others but their lives as well as those of practically every person on earth were truly about to change and not for the better, either.

All of a sudden there was a loud noise which sounded like an explosion of some sort. Extremely startled, Crystal immediately rushed up the basement stairs of their suburban home. She ran out on the front porch to find her husband already out there trying to see if he could spot anything, like smoke or fire off in the distance and he did. About a mile away from their home something was ablaze.

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