Diary Entry – 9/1

Dear Diary,

My first diary entry…wow...This feels really weird, you know, spilling my guts to a book. It feels like I’m talking to a stranger, so don’t expect me to tell you any huge secrets right away. I’ll just work up to that gradually. Maybe we should get to know each other better. I’ll start.

 I’m Anabel Lee Rogers. Most people just call me Ana. I was named after one of Edgar Allen Poe’s characters (don’t ask, my dad is obsessed with the guy. Personally, I don’t get it. He was just some tragic poet. Aren’t they all?).

 Let’s see…appearances… I have wavy brown hair. It has blonde highlights, but that’s from when I used to swim. I’ve never actually dyed my hair. I’m pretty tan, that’s what you get for living in a beach town your whole life. Not that I’m complaining. There are just too many tourists for my liking, but you get used to it. I’m a little under the average height of most American girls my age (I’m 16 in case you were wondering , Diary), but most of the girls here look like Victoria’s Secret Angels, you know the ones who are super tall and gorgeous and curvy, so they make me look like a midget. Those are the kinds of women my dad likes. I mean he’s a single, wealthy man and a bit of a jerk. What kinds of women would you expect him to like? I’m just glad we aren’t actually blood related. I was adopted, but I’m not one of those adopted kids who want to find their real parents. They obviously didn’t want me, so why bother? I’m rambling, aren’t I? What was I telling you, Diary? Oh right, looks. I don’t think I’m anything special and nobody else thinks I’m special either, apparently. My last boyfriend was when I was in preschool. Sigh, the joys of being me. Um… I like to sing (but never, ever in public! My voice is reserved for the shower only.), dancing is fun too, but my passion is photography. The walls in my room are covered in pictures I’ve taken, mostly in black and white. I love to photograph people doing everyday things. It’s really interesting, you know? Well, enough about me. What are some of your passions? Oh wait; you’re just a book full of blank pages. I forgot. I’ve filled up enough of your pages for today. I have to meet Patrick and Amber at the beach in 20 minutes.

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