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The Power Inside Me

Unleash Your True Superhero


Shakti Pradhan

Copyright©2011 by Shakti Pradhan

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Everyday thousands of people depart the Bangalore airport,and live back their daily life,ignoring any change.They never know a slight change in themselves can result in miracles.And Roy too was one of them,until he met GURU,the man who uses simple 21 piece jigsaw puzzles,to teach the 7 quotients for a perfect life. They reached the place where GURU’S seminar was to be held. The entry gates read “THE 7Qs™”.The seminar hall was a large dome of glass, and aura of the place was full of energy. “Your second life begins now”, said GURU, and gave him a jigsaw puzzle. Roy found out it was blank, 21 pieces, wondering where this puzzle will take his life to.

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